Mamori Sound Project (Amazonas, Brazil)


I participated in a group artist residency led by sound artist and ecosystem biologist Francisco Lopez in the Brazilian Amazon during October 2011.  Twelve of us spent two weeks gathering field recordings of the rainforest and underwater hydrophone recordings of dolphins. We were based out of the small community of Mamori Lake.

Here is a soundscape composition titled “Unseen Songlines” I created using these field recording.

Soundscapes of Inukjuak

In 2009, I was the first artist to be funded by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec’s recently established Nunavik Fund for the Arts and Literature program (in collaboration with Avataq Cultural Institute). As a result, during July and August 2009 I participated in an artist residency in Inukjuak, Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) where I was studying and recording the environmental soundscapes of the North.

On December 2, 2010, I performed a multi-channel concert at OBORO (Montreal) during which the audience was surrounded by six speakers, immersing them in sonic portraits of this Northern community. I complemented my field recordings with live electronics and rhythms to accentuate the inherent musicality of Inukjuak’s environments hidden from the naked ear. My objective was to allow man-made synthesized sounds to harmonize with and mimic the natural sounds of Inukjuak and its traditions, similar to how Inuit throat singers employ only their natural voices in imitating the sounds of geese, mosquitoes and Arctic winds.

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“Lilira” is the Inuktitut word used to describe a respectful and slightly nervous feeling towards nature. The following experimental radio documentary I produced was featured in CBC /Radio-Canada’s Eye on the Arctic project and was originally broadcasted on Framework radio (Resonance 104.4FM, UK). It incorporates interviews with Inukjuak’s residents as well as environmental sound recordings gathered both by myself and by local teenagers who participated in music and field-recording workshops that I organized and led. Listen to the documentary here.

Inukjuak Sound Map

The Inukjuak Sound Map is a web project intended to help raise international awareness about the natural and cultural diversity of Inukjuak, as well as the interesting but fragile sounds hidden throughout this Northern community. This project has the potential to be used by environmental researchers who study how soundscapes are being affected by technological development and climate change.

Created with support from CBC/Radio-Canada and Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec.

Discussing Inukjuak Sound Map on CBC Radio

Interview from November 16, 2010 on CBC Radio‘s Boreal Hebdo about my sound map project. Listen here

Seeing With Sound

Interview with Carleton University’s Capital News Online: Listen here

Nunatsiaq News interview

Article about the Inukjuak Sound Map in Nunatsiaq Online News: Read here