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And if thou shalt refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with shoes EP (2013)


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Strange Fruit EP (2012)

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Sangam (2011)

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The Ganges Will Run Dry (2009)

Format: CD

Label: Le Son 666

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Cover design by Michael Jachner

Nimalan’s beat soundscapes bridge the gap between academic and urban approaches to sound art. He re-appropriates the technical and conceptual aesthetics of Hip-Hop and Dub idioms using old synths and cassette loops. For him, King Tubby, Jah Shaka and Afrika Bambaataa were using electroacoustic techniques as complex as those of Stockhausen or John Cage. Nimalan creates dense textures blending meditative drones, blunted beats, and field recordings of temples and damaged cities.


Cantus in Memory of Lasantha (2009)

Format: net release

Label: Panospria

Cover design by Michael Jachner

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“…four tracks deftly blend synthesized rhythms, borrowed funk, and found field recordings. The opening track employs a brief loop of what could be African pop — taking a horn part and, with repetition, stretching it into something trance-inducing. And better yet, Yoganathan isn’t just looping for its own sake. Each track on Cantus changes as it proceeds. That first song, “Le Petit Sauvage,” for example, moves through backwards-warped samples and clubby beats before it comes to a close. Also particularly recommended is “Sangam Dub,” the arid rhythms of which could be a downtempo Timbaland production.” – Disquiet (

“Jetzt erst einmal richtig hingesetzt : aufrecht und den Kopf schön in der Mitte zwischen den Stereo- Boxen : Die Soundlandschaften , die der Kanadier Nimalan Yoganatha aka Shoebomber anhand von Beat- czz-hoerempfehlungLinien durchquert , sind herrlich ins stereophone Spektrum gelegt : Hier spriessen harmonische Schnipsel , dort breiten sich subtile Field Recordings aus und das alles perforiert von minimen elektroakustischen Mustern . Sein “Cantus In Memory Of Lasantha Wickramatunga” , eben bei Panospria erschienen , ist eine der elaboriertesten Entdeckungen innerhalb der Netlabel- Szene der letzten Monate . Auf geht die Reise in den aufregenden Sound- Raum. “ -Inadaequat (


For the People of Valley Tonga (2006)

Format: cassette

Xeroxed three panel j-card. Spray painted cassettes. Numbered edition of 44.

Label: Pasalymany Tapes

Cover design by Joshua Bastien


“…the first half of side A is a bit like those Golding Institute records only not nearly as stupid/unfunny, but what I mean is it sounds like a wiggy remix of a relaxation tape with the softly-urging omnipresent male voice kept intact. There’s some other vocals and samples in there too, at first I thought one was Jesse “The Body” Ventura rapping which would’ve been the hippest shit around but I think it’s just KRS-One. All that takes place over a gently looped electro-near-techno rhythm, too laid back to be funky but too catchy to not take up immediate occupancy in your cranium. The other half of this side is even tougher to describe but there’s some more loops like a violin and some tapped glass percussion, closest thing I could come up with was Reich through a Nouvelle Étrange Canadienne scope but I was doing a crossword puzzle at the time (what’s the capital of Tibet anyway? Lhasa?). The flip is even better, starting off with a sort of chant and weaving into an intensely dense analog drone raga, which is surely deserving of more complimentary words than I can come up with now because it truly is a fine slice of attuned nod-out raga bliss. Kinda in a similar vein with Growing, Dialing In, Lamp of the Universe, etc. “ – Outer Space Gamelan (

Live performances:

Video documentation from my 2012 sound performance/installation “Sangam” I did in the rotunda of Montreal’s Square-Victoria Metro station. It was part of the Suoni Per il Popolo Festival‘s “Ghosts of Public Spaces” happenings curated by Eric Mattson. The performance involved real-time manipulation of field recordings from Tamil Hindu temples in Montreal and Singapore.

Video recording of a 2011 performance at Dockside Studio, Vancouver, BC as part of the “Not Sent Letters” series curated by Jeremy Todd:

Miscellaneous recordings:

“Where does time go? (For Nina Simone)”

This composition was produced in 2006. It is one of my first attempts at musique concrete/tape music. The source material includes bicycle bells, mechanical clocks, and digital clocks. The piece was additionally inspired by John Oswald’s composition “Bell Speeds”.