Nimalan Yoganathan is a Montreal sound artist and musician whose work interweaves Hip-Hop, Dub, and Electroacoustic aesthetics using both improvisatory and compositional approaches. He often sculpts field recordings from his travels through bustling cities, remote landscapes, and sites of worship. Nimalan attempts to mimic the timbral and rhythmic characteristics of such environmental soundscapes using electronic gestures in order to accentuate the grey area between real and synthesized sound. In a time when global communities are being plagued by noise pollution, he believes it is crucial to celebrate the subtle but musical sounds hidden all around us. Nimalan has participated in composition residencies in the Brazilian Amazon and Arctic Quebec. He has performed internationally at festivals and venues including Soundasaurus/Arts Commons (Calgary), Signal & Noise (Vancouver), Flausina (Lisbon), MUTEK (Montreal), Pop Montreal, Suoni per il Popolo, OBORO, SAT, Darling Foundry, and theĀ Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium.

Nimalan has performed live alongside numerous musicians including Matmos, Steinski, Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt, Deerhunter, Miracle Fortress, Aki Onda, and Alden Penner.

He holds a BFA in Electroacoustic Composition (Concordia University) and is currently completing his MA in Media Studies (Concordia University) with a research focus on Soundscape composition and the ethical implications of sampled environmental sound.