Nimalan Yoganathan is a Montreal sound artist and musician whose work interweaves Hip-Hop, Dub, and Electroacoustic aesthetics. His beat-driven electronic textures are often combined with sculpted field recordings from his travels through Arctic Canada, the dense Amazon rainforest of Brazil, and the bustling cities and temples of Southeast Asia.

JULY 2015

New release “THE FIRE NEXT TIME”

a2220194253_10Now up on Bandcamp. Stream or download here.


Dub Concrète: Cagean Sound Clash in Babylon

john cage, paris 1981

sound-system-notting-hill-brian-david-stevens-3My multi-channel sound installation “Dub Concrète” ran from January 14 until April 30, 2015 as part of the Arts Commons +15 Soundscape project in Calgary, Alberta. I appropriated the dub genre by replacing its traditional instrumentation and sound effects with digital rhythms, electroacoustic gestures, and environmental field recordings. My aim was to produce soundscape remixes that destabilize not only musical categorizations but also international and cultural borders. Visit the Arts Commons site for more details.


Mamori Sound Project (Amazonas, Brazil)


I participated in a group artist residency led by sound artist and ecosystem biologist Francisco Lopez in the Brazilian Amazon during October 2011.  Twelve of us spent two weeks gathering field recordings of the rainforest and underwater hydrophone recordings of dolphins and fish. We were based out of the small community of Mamori Lake.

Here is a soundscape composition titled “Unseen Songlines” I created using my field recordings from the Amazon.